Generate Your Favicons

Easily create favicons for all platforms with our simple tool.

Best Practices

  • Create favicons in multiple sizes and formats.
  • Start with a square image for scalability.
  • Use a transparent background for versatility.
  • Keep designs simple for small sizes.
  • Ensure brand consistency.

Recommended Dimensions

  • 16x16px - Browser tabs
  • 32x32px - Safari bookmarks
  • 48x48px - Windows shortcuts
  • 96x96px - GoogleTV
  • 180x180px - Apple home screen
  • 192x192px - Android Chrome
  • 512x512px - Google Play Store

Start Generating

  1. Upload your base image using the Favicon Generator below.
  2. Customize the settings to fit your needs.
  3. Download the generated favicon package ready for use across all devices.
512x512px recommended